Girl Time On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

It wasn’t until Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory that Penny got some girlfriends. Until then, her life as known to us was just the boys and some rather hard-headed boyfriends that came and went. The addition of Bernadette and Amy shifted the tone of the series slightly, but some fans were not as happy with the new additions as we were.

Take a look at one of our favorite girl moments from Season 4 below!

In promotion of the Season 4 DVD release of The Big Bang Theory, we want to ask fans, do like the addition of Bernadette and Amy to the series? Sound off below in our comment section!

Disclaimer: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD.


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  1. I was nervous at first because it was presented like she might a love interest for Sheldon (which I really did NOT think would work). But I really enjoy how she has become part of the girls and is “besties” with Penny. I always enjoyed Bernadette, but that’s more of a nerd crush thing, haha.

  2. haha 🙂 Yeah initially I thought it’d be a cute idea for Sheldon to have a semi-love interest. The more and more I thought about it though – it wouldn’t be in character for his character. I really do love the girl dynamic though between the 3 ladies. I think that was an excellent addition to the series.