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PETA Urges Disney to Change Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Ending

PETA Urges Disney to Change Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Ending


Animal rights activists at PETA are urging Disney bosses to change the ending of their new version of classic elephant tale Dumbo , so the titular character escapes the circus and lives out his life at a sanctuary.

The movie studio executives are developing a live-action remake of the beloved 1941 animated film, and they’ve pledged not to use real animals in the movie, but PETA officials want them to go one step further – and rewrite the project’s finale.

In the original Disney film, Dumbo becomes a star attraction at the circus after discovering he can use his huge ears to fly.

PETA spokesperson Moira Colley tells WENN, “Walt Disney Pictures has already pledged that its new version of Dumbo will use advanced computer graphics, and not a suffering captive elephant, to portray its title character, and PETA, whose motto says, in part, that ‘animals are not ours to use for entertainment’, has another suggestion for the film – in addition to staying true to Dumbo‘s honest depiction of how animals suffer in the circus, why not change the ending so that Dumbo escapes to an elephant sanctuary?”

PETA boss Merrilee Burke has written to Tendo Nagenda, Disney’s vice president of production, urging him to give Dumbo a “real happy ending, allowing him to escape the world of forced entertainment and finally be free”.

She writes, “Dumbo gets a lot right about the way that elephants in circuses are treated. Just as in the original film, elephants in circuses are still forcibly separated from the mothers they would stay with in nature for many years or for life. They are forced to travel for days, chained in cramped conditions inside railroad boxcars, and they are beaten, shackled, and forced to perform tricks that are frightening, unnatural, and sometimes painful to them.

“These wise, sensitive animals show signs of severe stress and deprivation, such as swaying back and forth, the way that Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo do (in the film). Once in a while, they snap and go on dangerous rampages, just as is depicted in the film.”

Photo Credit: Disney

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  1. Disney has too much to loose to be intiiadaated by these morons. Get a life and leave Disney alone. Disney is an ICON and it would take an Act of God to change anything about his works.

    1. This is someone who has hacked into my fb page. I would never post this. I am having this investigated now.

      1. If this comment is not taken down the person will have his/her fb page permanently closed. I am giving you the day to do it because I am nice.

    2. I personally know Alexis kaiser and she would never say anything like this person above, good to note that she is looking into getting justice for this little prank. a shameful act of stupidity.

      1. Thank you Justin. the person is a coward and afraid of me and my knowledge and experience about the circus. They think they are getting away with something. NOT

  2. This is my favorite Disney classic. As a big supporter of Disney and circus…i think giving into Peta would be a wrong doing. Walt would never let anyone touch his work. dumbo has a happy ending. and that is how it should be…

  3. Walt would not let his classic tale, giving in to radical animal rights groups like Peta would be wrong doing. Dumbo doesn’t belong in a sanctuary….he belongs were he is happy and taken care of…

  4. If it is a live action remake without using live elephants… how exactly is it a live action remake?

    It’s high time people see PETA for what they are, terrorists with no factual basis. They have their own agenda, and its not a nice one.

    Circus animals are well treated on the whole, and it’s high time people realise that yes, there may be some bad trainers, and they should face SERIOUS prosecution… but that doesn’t mean all animal trainers are bad.

    1. Not many details are out about exactly how they’ll handle the elephants in the film, but my guess is a combo of real actors and CGI…think Maleficent, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Smurfs…which would still classify it as a live-action remake.

  5. sorry jasmine but the poster who has falsely identified himself as me has forced me to ask FB to take down this page. Unless you can remove the post Alexis Kaiser that says elephants belong in sanctuaries. Thanks

    1. Emma thank you so much for helping Clear that comment for my friend Alexis, you don’t know how much that means to her and I. she is a respected individual in the circus community!


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