Prepare to Have Your Childhood Crushed: First Look at ‘The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story’

Someone call Mr. Belding because this first look at The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story needs to serve some serious detention so it can think about what it’s doing to our collective childhood.

The film is Lifetime’s in-depth (and unauthorized) look at the challenges of the Saved by the Bell cast trying growing up under public scrutiny while trying to maintain the squeaky clean image of their popular characters both on and off-screen. It stars Dylan Everett as Mark-Paul Gosselaar/Zack, Sam Kindseth as Dustin Diamond/Screech, Julian Works as Mario Lopez/Slater , Alyssa Lynch as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen/Kelly, Tiera Skovbye as Elizabeth Berkley/Jessie and Taylor Russell McKenzie as Lark Voorhies/Lisa.

Lifetime recently released the clip of the group participating in what looks like the one of the most grueling photo shoots of the 90s. Everyone is annoyed and hormonal! You’ve got Screech pissed at Slater for being able to do push-ups, Lisa being jealous of Kelly for being all over Zack, Jessie with some sort of light layer of sweat aversion…I mean, it’s kind of an amazing mess.

Check out the cringeworthy clip below!

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story premieres Labor Day, Monday September 1, at 9 pm PT/ET.

I’ll have to watch this because how can I not? What are your thoughts on the clip?

Photo Credit: Lifetime