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What To Expect In The Second Season Of ‘Revenge’

What To Expect In The Second Season Of ‘Revenge’

After last night’s explosive finale of Revenge, fans are left with only one question… what happens next in season 2?

Series creator Mike Kelley has confirmed to press that the season 2 premiere will start with a wedding. At first he lead us to believe it would be Emily’s wedding…. However, he has backed off a bit from saying that in more recent interviews. Could it still be Emily’s? Maybe… but after the finale, I’m not to sure how that would work… Maybe Daniel and Ashley? They seemed to leave us hanging with a little something there tonight. Although, I think the most likely candiate for this ( and also the most obvious ) would be Jack and Amanda. Perhaps the biggest shock of last night’s finale was Amanda Clarke showing back up in the condition that she did (Trying to stay spoiler free!), but would this pairing be too obvious?

What else should fans expect with season 2 of Revenge? Less repeats. ABC TV president Paul Lee told press that his goal was to find a way to air the show in more of a continuous block next season, and that this would be accomplished by staggering the season premieres of ABC’s Fall lineup.

“The intention is to have ‘Revenge’ absolutely do 22 episodes,” Lee said. “So stagger your launches, make sure you have room to do it, make sure you can throw a network behind it and support it, and not have as much clutter on your own network as you launch,” Lee explains. “I think certainly you’re not going to see as many repeats as you did last year.”

ABC renewed Revenge earlier this month, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans after the stellar ratings and hype the series has received in the first season.

Did you see the season finale of Revenge last night? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts… and which moment shocked you the most! Free free to fill the below up with spoilers from last night’s finale!

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  1. LOVED the finale! Everything that happened in the last ten minutes blew my mind. Biggest shock had to be what happened to Victoria! I hope they find someway to bring her back, because I absolutely adore her…. And the love triangle situation made me so, so angry. I really wanted Emily to be with Jack! Regardless, the finale was excellent. Everything about it was perfect.

  2. I don’t think Victoria is gone. I would truly be shocked if that was the case. I think she either got off the plane.. or it was another plane that blew up and it was made to look like it was their’s…. I just don’t think she’s gone. I think the death they promised us is either going to be Lydia or Charlotte. I’m also crossing my fingers that baby belongs to someone else… :-/

  3. When Victoria boarded just before the steps she looked as if she was going to turn back. I have a feeling she did, maybe with the warning Conrad gave her?
    So wanted to see Emily and Jack end up together, but she should had really thought about this twist when she let the real Emily become Amanda!

  4. Yeah I think it’s very likely she turned around and got off the plane. And you know I figured we hadn’t seen the last of Amanda… I just didn’t expect her to come back with more than she left with 🙂

  5. I hope they figure out a way to schedule the show so it isn’t so scattered around. I think I’d rather see them do a straight run of, say, 11 episodes, then take a break, then do the other 11. It would mean a longer hiatus in the middle, but I think I’d prefer that to the scattered mess they had this season where it was a new episode then weeks of repeats, then a new episodes and then repeats… No one can keep up and it kills the momentum of the show!

  6. The finale of Revenge was epic! I really have not been more amazed by an ending of a show’s season in such a long time! That clip [which I hope surfaces online soon] of Victoria hesitating and then boarding the plane with Florence & The Machine’s “Seven Devils” playing in the backdrop was an amazing scene [and then seeing the white-haired man tamper with the plane]. Friends of mine I didn’t even know watched the show had “Seven Devils” posted to their Facebook pages minutes after the finale – first time I heard the song, but I definitely know it is getting lots of downloads today as we speak! I have a feeling Victoria got off that plane, but it had to be without Lydia knowing [Lydia is clearly a follower, so if Victoria got off, Lydia would have to unless she got off sneakily by pretending to use the restroom and exiting an emergency exit which is what I think happened]. Ugh, Emily was about to profess her love to Jack, and here comes Amanda [the real Emily] back in the picture pregnant! I don’t believe that baby is Jack’s – it would just end up bad either way in some viewers eyes if it was and Jack and the real Amanda got back together [Jack’s first child with someone else]; I hope in the next season Amanda and Emily both fess us to Jack about who is really who [the pretend Amanda will have to tell him sooner or later…she won’t want the father of her child not knowing the real her will she?]. I hope Charlotte isn’t killed off, and believe it or not, I actually like her and Declan together so I hope he listens in to that voicemail and forgives her for what she did to that girl. If Victoria is really gone, or Charlotte, it will be a huge blow to me as far as characters – I love them both. I have a feeling Daniel and Ashley will be the one’s getting married in the beginning of the episode – those two care more about ruining plan and reputation than anything [but who knows, the producers could throw us clean off track and the wedding be of the real Amand

  7. Amanda – I think that’s plan. I agree that’s best for a show like this too. Hopefully they’ll be able to live up to what they’ve said with it.

  8. Heather – I had no idea you were as big of a fan of this as me!! 🙂 And I couldn’t agree with you more – the finale was insanely epic – definitely the most incredible season finale I’ve seen in the last decade – if not all time honestly. They did so much!!!! And the mashup with that song – you’re totally right – it made those ending scenes. I also think you bring up a great point about the baby. That’s definitely how the viewers would see it – so I don’t think they’re going to play that card. Mike Kelley is a smart man 🙂 I disagree with you on Charlotte though – I’m not a fan of her and Declan together. He deserves better. She needs serious help before she can be in a relationship – and if Declan sticks around her she’s just going to destroy all possible relationships that he can have in the meantime – because she wants his attention – yet when she has it – she treats him like crap. Perhaps if she’s not dead – then her overdose will be an eyeopener for her. At least I hope so.

  9. Yes, a huge fan, and I’ve noticed you are as well with the headlines [love the updates]! I see what you’re saying about Charlotte [hopefully the overdose will open her eyes, because I think her evil ways were taught by her mother; deep down I think she can be a great person]. I wrote so much above I didn’t notice it cut me off! The ending of my post above was that “….the wedding be of the real Amanda’s mother and father since we will be hearing and learning a lot about her newly-discovered alive mother in the next season and eventually seeing her I’m assuming. The wedding could be a flashback of what she remembers if they married to give us more insight about who her mother was.”

  10. Definitely agree with Emma, re: Charlotte and Declan. The only flaw in the finale, for me, was the pointless scenes with Charlotte getting her revenge on the new girl… Who cares?! I just wanted them to get back to the real action and stop wasting time. Charlotte is by far the weakest link on the show and I’d be fine with her being the one that dies. (Although it will probably be Lydia, unless she has nine lives.) At the very least maybe she could go into a coma for a long while…

  11. One little flaw in the plot. So, Emily beats up the white haired man, and he doesn’t come after her? he doesn’t go back and get Nolan? he doesn’t tell the family he just saw Amanda Clark? What’s up with that?

  12. Yeah that’s also an interesting point that he didn’t tell Conrad about Emily/Amanda. And didn’t do anything to clean up the Nolan/Emily situation. Leads me to believe he way to hold that for blackmail or something bigger next season…. and Amanda, I feel like you’re probably right. Lydia is the least important character – so it being her death makes me the most sense. Although after her fall earlier in the season, I feel like she’s the character that just can’t die. haha


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