‘Revenge’ Star Emily VanCamp Talks Real Life Inspiration For Emily Thorne

Emily VanCamp recently talked about real life inspirations for her role on Revenge and a certain photo shoots with the cast where the LA police got involved.

Those that have met Emily can’t say it enough. She is nothing like Emily Thorne. The sweet actress is prim and proper and doesn’t seem to have an evil bone in body, but Emily recently revealed that she’s able to release a little real life frustration in her character on Revenge.

“It’s so much fun.” VanCamp confessions, “I get to live vicariously through this character in a weird way, so anyone that I’ve ever wanted to exact revenge on – I get to just throw it all into the character. It’s wonderful.”

Emily also revealed that death-look that she has so perfected on the series is actually called “the croc” on set. The inspiration for the look was a picture of Grace Kelly and also a picture of a crocodile. Emily merged the two together in her mind for what soon became that famous Emily Thorne stare.

What about crazy happenings with the Revenge cast? That sexy photo shoot we saw several months back that was done by photographer Tyler Shields apparently attracted the attention of the LAPD.

“We did this pillow fight in an alley, and got in trouble with the cops in downtown LA.” Emily recalls. “It was hilarious.”

Hm… between the pictures and the video the guys don’t look too bloody up to us… We all know that Emily Thorne can do much worse!

Check out the video from the rather awkward interview with Rolling Stone below where Emily talks about all of the above!

Did you think the interview was as awkward as we did? Just let Emily talk! We want to hear her stories – not a reporters thoughts interrupting her! Am I right? Or am I right?

Regardless, we’re super excited for more press coverage of Revenge to get us fans through what seems like an impossibly long summer until we find out this fall what actually went down on the finale!


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  1. That was a good interview – I had no idea she was in Rolling Stone, and that picture from the photoshoot in his office was to die for – I could definitely see still from that photoshoot as promo pics for a future season! 😉 The break is definitely going to kill me – I am dying to know what will happen in the season premiere!