Leona Lewis Opens Up About Battle with Depression

Leona Lewis has written an open letter to fans about her struggle with depression and her fears for the future after parting ways with her record label.

Earlier this year, the singer, who won Britain’s The X Factor in 2006, exited Simon Cowell’s Syco management firm and Sony Records after seven years on the books.

Lewis has now opened up about the massive career change, blaming the split on creative differences over her fifth studio album, and revealing she spent months battling dark thoughts.

In the handwritten note, which was uploaded to her Twitter page, Lewis states, “It has been quite the rollercoaster year. The emotions I have felt have been more powerful, in both a positive and negative way, than any other time… in my life.

“At some points I felt extremely depressed and other times experiences amazing highs, but it got to the point where the downs were outweighing the ups… I worry too much… I worry about the future, work, how I look… animals, the environment… At times it seems absolutely overwhelming and I spiral to a dark place.”

She goes on to reveal the split from her record label came about after she was asked to make an album that “would have not been true to myself”, adding, “I cannot make music that does not speak to my soul, as scary as it seemed. I could no longer compromise myself.”

Lewis also reveals meditation has helped her move on from her dark moods, and she is now feeling more positive about the future, concluding, “You either sink or swim. I chose to swim… Whatever the future may bring, I am ready.”

Photo Credit:Featureflash / Shutterstock.com


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