HBO Hosts ‘Girls’ Premiere Parties For Fans Across The Country

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Girls returned to HBO last night, but not before a handful of premiere parties took place across the country. The Atlanta party was the first in a series of events that HBO has planned to promote the second season of the hit series created by Lena Dunham, an idol to young females everywhere.

Fans of Girls, were able to not only screen the first two episodes of the new season before anyone else in the country, but they also were able to enjoy tasty beverages and snacks while posing for pictures where they could pledge their resolutions. FanBolt’s editor Emma Loggins and staff writer Jennifer Steele had a simple resolution – to become their own superheroes (Yeah, we know there is a grammatical error on the photo – we wish they would have let us type it on there!).

DJ OMG was spinning at the afterparty for the event, and fans eagerly picked up giveaways which included press on nails (a set for each Girls character) and a number of Yelp goodies. (FanBolt is giving away a few Girls prize packs from the event!)

There are more Girls events scheduled nationwide. We have the full list below!

HBO Girls events
1/11 Atlanta
1/12 San Diego
1/13 Portland, OR
1/15 Washington, DC
1/15 Chicago
1/15 Austin
1/16 Miami
1/16 Houston
1/16 Boston
1/17 Philadelphia
1/17 Seattle

Check out Girls‘s Facebook page for more information, and if you want to check out Girls goodness on Twitter, check out @girlsHBO and hastag #resolutionsGIRLSbreak!

FanBolt had a blast at the party, and we absolutely adored the first two episodes – even more-so than a lot of Season 1…. which we REALLY loved! Be sure to check out Girls if you haven’t already – Sunday nights at 9pm eastern on HBO!


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