Samaire Armstrong Talks ‘Resurrection’ Season 2, Albert Einstein and More!

FanBolt recently visited the set of ABC’s Resurrection which films in Atlanta, Georgia. We got the chance to sit down with Samaire Armstrong on the Twains bar set, and chat about what’s to come for Elaine, who she’d bring back from the dead and more! (And maybe we told her that we were Team Seth/Anna on The OC while we were at it…. We couldn’t help it!)

While we did get a fair amount of spoilers while we were on set, we’re not going to be posting any of them here. However, Armstrong was still able to tease a fair amount for us. We’ve seen Elaine change substantially since we first met her in season 1. What additional evolution can we look forward to seeing with the character?

“I think for Elaine, she’s becoming more of a woman in the feminist sense. I hate to throw that in there, because it’s such a popular, hot word right now – but I think for awhile she turned herself off to men and being on the market so to speak. This season she wears a lot more makeup and little bit more eyeliner. I think that’s an outer reflection of what’s happening internally. She’s finding her inner strength and inner beauty. She becomes more powerful in what she’s capable of, not just in the sense of being able to provide financial support for her family – but like really taking care of shit.” Armstrong explained.

What if she could bring anyone back from the dead – fictional or real? Who would it be?

“I’m all about Albert Einstein.” Armstrong exclaimed with a smile on her face. “I feel like it’d be so incredible if I could have a personal relationship with him and just pick his amazing mind. That would be someone who would interest me.”

Check out the full interview below along with our Resurrection set tour with Samaire as well!

Samaire Armstrong Talks Resurrection Season 2, Albert Einstein and More!

Tour the Resurrection Set

Be sure to catch an all-new Resurrection November 30 on ABC!


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