Constantine: Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya Tease Constantine and Zed’s Future

FanBolt visited the set of NBC’s Constantine this week, and we had the chance to sit down with series stars Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya. We asked them to talk to us about the tension between their characters, Constantine and Zed – and where that’s going to go in the remaining episodes that we have coming up this season.

“That’s interesting because in the comics, they pretty much hit it off straightway when they meet. We’ve not done that yet. There is definitely a sexual chemistry between them as well as the fact that they need each other. He’s using her as he does everyone else but he becomes attached to her,” Ryan explains. “I don’t know when we will get to that point. It’s interesting, because it’s there in the comics but also, I think, in television, it’s something that we need to establish before we get into it and really go there. So I’ll be interested to see what the writers come up with. How and when we deal with that part of the relationship.”

“They’re always flirting. There’s always stares, there’s always these things you … When you really like someone, you don’t have to tell them. When it’s there, you don’t have to say not one thing. You just feel it, you know it, it’s there, you look at each other, you have a pause, you have a moment, you have, you might touch,” Celaya added. “Those things, yeah, it’s always there. It’s always there. To Zed, she’s been waiting for John for years. He’s finally there and she can’t let him go.”

So what’s coming up? Both Ryan and Celaya weren’t able to say much, but we did get a tiny teaser!

“What can I tease? Well, they get separated,” Celaya reveals. “There comes a moment where maybe I just want to kick some girl’s ass. That’s all I can say about that.”

Where do you want to see Constantine and Zed’s relationship go? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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