Ariana Grande’s Camp Accused of Copying Scenes from Music Video

Ariana Grande has come under fire after Australian electro group SAFIA accused her of recreating scenes from one of their music videos in her latest pop promo.

Members of SAFIA have taken to Facebook to point out similarities between their video for “You Are The One,” which was released in September, and Grande’s promo for new single “One Last Time,” after it emerged online this week.

The message posted on the social media website reads, “This might just be coincidence but to us it looks like either the people at Ariana Grande’s label or the filmmaker have seen our clip for You Are The One & reworked the concept a little bit and then straight up stolen and copied some bits… (Especially the end!)”

They later posted screenshots of both videos and added them side-by-side on Facebook with the caption, “You don’t mess with the Saf! It’s onnnnn (sic)!”

Grande had yet to comment on the drama at the time of publication.

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