‘The Imitation Game’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch Fake-Honeymoons with Jimmy Kimmel

Benedict Cumberbatch continued his honeymoon in style on Monday night by sipping pina colada cocktails in front of a Hawaiian beach setting on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The Imitation Game star wed fiancee Sophie Hunter in the U.K. on Saturday and then jumped on a flight to begin his Oscars week promotion, beginning with a chat with comedian Kimmel, who confessed he felt guilty about dragging the Sherlock star away from his new bride.

To make it up to the newlywed Brit, Kimmel offered him a pina colada and turned his studio into a sunny beach retreat, complete with steel drum music.

Kimmel also bought Cumberbatch a basket of gifts, including an avocado slicer, whisks and cutlery.

You can watch the funny video below:

Photo/Video Credit: Youtube


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