Melissa Rivers Brushes Off Joan Rivers’ Oscars’ In Memoriam Snub

Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa has brushed off the omission of her late mom from the Oscars’ In Memoriam tribute on Sunday, insisting she is focusing on the outpouring of support from fans and friends instead.

The veteran comedian, who died in September, was notably absent from the tribute, prompting fans and celebrity friends alike to express their disappointment online.

On Monday, a representative for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defended the producers’ decision to omit Rivers, blaming time constraints for the snub.

Hours after a rep released the statement, Melissa responded with a statement of her own on Facebook. It read: “It would have been nice, especially considering the impact she had on the awards season, but (son) Cooper and I have been overwhelmed with support and love over my mom’s passing and we choose to focus on that.”

In addition to being a comedy icon, Rivers was a staple on the red carpet during awards shows, known for her often cutting commentary on stars’ fashion choices.

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