‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Ginnifer Goodwin Talks ‘Last Minute’ Wedding to Co-Star Josh Dallas

Ginnifer Goodwin’s wedding to fiance Josh Dallas was a “last minute” affair because they originally had no intention of rushing down the aisle before welcoming their first child last summer.

The Once Upon A Time co-stars became engaged in October, 2013, a month before announcing their pregnancy news, and they had decided to postpone wedding plans until after their baby boy was born.

However, Goodwin reveals she had a change of heart weeks before her due date, so they cobbled together an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles and tied the knot in April, 2014.

The heavily pregnant bride also chose to go barefoot on the advice of her wedding dress designer and close friend Monique Lhuillier as her feet were severely swollen.

She explains, “It was a last minute kind of thing, because we thought of ourselves as exceptionally modern. We were like, ‘We don’t need to get married, we’ll get married later.’ And then I was nine months pregnant (sic) and I was like, ‘We totally need to get married.’

“So at nine months, we invited maybe, 25 people, and I was so big, my girlfriend Monique Lhuillier designed my dress and I was in my fitting and I clearly couldn’t see my feet, and we were discussing shoes and she was like, ‘Oh honey, just go barefoot.’ And so I did, I literally just spent my whole wedding barefoot…”

Goodwin gave birth to their son Oliver Finlay in late June, 2014, and even their baby’s name was the result of a late change of mind.

She says, “We actually had a different name for like, six months, and both woke up one day and said, ‘We just have a feeling that just wasn’t going to be right.’ Oliver wasn’t based on anything, it was just a name we adored.”

The couple kept the new name a secret from their families and decided to play a game with their relatives as Goodwin neared her due date, with Dallas offering up $500 to anyone who could guess the child’s name correctly.

She adds, “Mr. Dallas was feeling a little loose (drunk) and he said, ‘Five hundred dollars to anyone who can guess the baby’s name on the first try, but we’re not gonna tell you today who gets it.’ And my little sister said, ‘Oliver…’ There were not clues given, she just knows me that well…

“So that’s how we revealed the name to the family. I gave birth, the whole family came in, and Josh pulled out a cheque and handed it to my sister.”

Photo Credit:DFree / Shutterstock.com