Max Fowler Talks Comics, Geeking Out and ‘Powers’

PlayStation’s new original series Powers premieres tomorrow, and we’re already completely obsessed with it! We had the chance to visit the set last November in Atlanta, and we chatted with Max Fowler who plays Krispin.

“Krispin, he’s the son of Sharlto’s ex, or Walker’s ex-partner. My dad, at the beginning, gets killed. We don’t see that, he’s already killed. You sort of meet Krispin and he’s just, obviously, grieving and in a really, really dark place.” Fowler explains. “It’s really about his confliction with powers because, like most kids he started off loving Powers. He idolized them, looked up to them and the fact that my dad used to be a cop in the Powers department and my mom’s a publicist, it was all big and exciting for me. Now he’s not so sure of himself.”

We were also curious if Fowler had checked out the comics before signing on to the series. Fowler revealed that he hadn’t, but as soon as he got the part, he got Volume 1 and started reading up.

“It was really cool because I hadn’t heard of it, and some of my friends had said it was really good. It kind of made me more excited.” Fowler answered. “I just got psyched because it was Brian [Michael Bendis] and… I’m a die-hard Spider-Man fan.”

So did he geek out when he realized he was going to get to read lines that Bendis had actually written? According to Fowler, he geeked out big time!

“I geeked out when I met him. Also, I didn’t know what he looked like because I just knew the name… and then someone was like ‘That’s him,’ and I was just like ‘Oh my God,’ and I think I went over to him and I was jet-lagged, I don’t know what I said.” Fowler recalled. “It was probably really embarrassing and he was really sweet but didn’t really react that much, so it made it more like ‘I’m going to go.’ He was really cool, and yeah it was really exciting.”

So why does Fowler think you should check Powers? Simple, there’s nothing quite like it.

“It’s a really interesting take on it all, because there hasn’t been much with this take on superheroes. Having it more of a pop culture thing and being very established in a world, rather than ‘Oh my God, there’s one superhero.’ It’s just like, a thing. But it’s a thing like, it’s still a big deal. Like a music or movie star walking around.” Fowler explained. “I just really like that because it allows you to tap into a lot of other areas that aren’t really explored.”

Check out our full interview with Max Fowler below!

Max Fowler Talks Powers

Keep checking back for more of our interviews with the cast leading up until the premiere!

Want to watch Powers tomorrow? PlayStation has all the information you need to know here.

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