Adam Godley Talks ‘Powers,’ Playing with the Cool Kids and Comics

Powers, PlayStation’s new original series, premieres tomorrow, and we know you all will love it as much as we do! We had the chance to visit the set last November in Atlanta, and we geeked out a bit when we were able to interview Adam Godley who plays Captain Emile Cross.

Curious as to who Captain Emile Cross is, and what his relationship is with Sharlto Copley’s character, Christian Walker? You’re not alone, it was one of the first questions that press wanted to know as well.

“Well the Captain, Captain Emile Cross, has known Christian for a long time. I think they go way back, and I think it’s right to say that Captain Cross persuaded Christian to join the Powers division. He could see that having somebody who had been a Power, but no longer had that power, would have particular insight. So he persuaded him to join the newly formed Powers division, which is… very low down on the totem pole when we start the series. It’s very, sort of, underfunded. It’s a bit of a laughing stock. They’re not seen as being particularly effective and that possibly changes as the season goes on.” Godley explained. “I think they have a very a lightly combative relationship, but I think Emile is very aware of how uniquely useful Christian is to the department.”

So which power intrigues Godley the most. He smiled when we asked him that question and replied, “Well, they’re all pretty cool. It’s like playing with the cool kids.”

“I think Wolf.” Godley continued. “He’s so mysterious and he’s so dark, and his powers are so strong that I think he’s the most intriguing for me. I think it’s hysterical, and I love the fact that some of the powers come in and they’re sort of wannabe powers. They behave terribly and don’t really know what to do with their powers. I really like all of that, but there’s something really dark and deep about Wolf that is very intriguing.”

Godley also confessed to us that he wasn’t familiar with the comics before coming into this role. He’d actually never even seen a graphic novel before, but that all changed once he landed the part.

“I went and found the first one that this is based on. Immediately, I looked at them, I got why they’re so popular. There’s just something about seeing the pictures… seeing the drama, that’s almost like watching a really cool movie.” Godley explained. “It really grabs you in a very different kind of way… But no, I didn’t know anything about Powers and then, suddenly this whole world opened up.”

Check out our full interview with Adam Godley below!

Adam Godley Talks Powers

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