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Eddie Izzard Talks About PlayStation’s New Series ‘Powers,’ Comics and More

Eddie Izzard Talks About PlayStation’s New Series ‘Powers,’ Comics and More


PlayStation’s new original series Powers premieres today, and if you haven’t already watched the first episode – what are you waiting for!? We’re already completely obsessed with it! We had the chance to visit the set and interview the cast last November in Atlanta. It was our second time interviewing series star Eddie Izzard, and we couldn’t wait to hear about what type of character he would playing.

“He has a sort of guru element. He has written a book. It’s some sort of… spiritualization of how he feels people should be and especially Powers should be.” Izzard explained. “So from this and his whole way of life, having lived 100 years, having been through two World Wars and and fought in those- which is my backstory on him- I wanted that to link into the way that he thought when he fights. Hopefully those blend well.”

So we knew that Izzard would be a villain on the series, which made us curious if we could look forward to any fight scenes with him?

“I forget that you actually have to get things right for camera. I’m just busy fighting the guy with the moves that I know- It’s a choreographed move thing, but to try and get the moves to land so that the camera sees them is something that I’ve worked at in drama, but in fight scenes, I’m still just actively going for the fight… They don’t give me huge amounts of fight scenes.” Izzard answered. “I’ve done two or three before which have been good. One was edited out and… wasn’t even used. Because I’ve had such an unusual career, they don’t normally come to me and say ‘yeah yeah you’re going to do loads of fight scenes’ so it’s good to get into them.”

Was Izzard familiar with the Powers comics before joining the series? The answer actually surprised us, Izzard revealed that he’s actually stayed away from them – even after being cast in the series.

“I haven’t gone in there because they’ve gone a different place. Brian Bendis wrote the comics, and he likes the idea of the story running concurrently to the books but them not necessarily being the same. They have their own life. That’s what I’ve decided to do with Charlie Huston, the showrunner and series producer. In consultation with him I have built Wolf to be driving in a somewhat different direction and I didn’t want to get taken down the road that he has actually gone.” Izzard revealed. “I wanted to build him in a way that I chose… I chose to make him English… he was immortal in the comic books but he’s only 100-years old in our story.”

Check out our full interview with Eddie Izzard below!

Eddie Izzard Talks Powers

Powers Trailer

Want to check out Powers? PlayStation has all the information you need to know here.

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