Interview: Adam Reed And Matt Thompson From ‘Archer’

I was able to visit the production studios for FX’s Archer here in Atlanta, and sit down with creator Adam Reed and Executive Producer Matt Thompson for a long interview. Since it’s Thursday, it’s time for another piece of that interview!

Do you do any research as far as trying to make the details seem more true to life?

Adam Reed: I do. It’s in this weird ill-defined time period, we try to stay away from “Today’s March 3rd, 1963,” but there have been little things in the timeline…. Like, Mallory sending home a Christmas telegram referring to the overthrow of the Prime Minister of Iran with Operation Ajax. That happened in 1953, and Archer’s a little kid, but unless people knew about Operation Ajax, they wouldn’t know to necessarily put those two things together.

Although I have seen people on the forum, “This happens at this date!” So I actually do a lot of research. It doesn’t necessarily wind up in the show, but you know the art directors and the costume designers and the background painters: they go to great lengths to make sure that the stuff that’s in there (except for cell-phones) makes sense from whatever time period that is.

Describe Archer in 3 words.

Matt Thompson: Spy Who Shoves. Suppose to be “Spy Who Shoves Me” which somebody wrote that I love. Spy who shoves me instead of spy who loves me.

Adam Reed: Functioning alcoholic man-whore. If man-whore is hyphenated, it’s one word

Matt, if you can get anyone to guest star or guest voice on the show, who would it be?

Matt Thompson: We went through this thing with Frisky Dingo where we got Fred Dryer on there. I don’t know why that just popped into my head, but that made me laugh.

I guess I think Zach Galifianakis is really funny right now. He makes me laugh. I would probably say somebody like him. Or… I think for this particular show, I’d like to see somebody like Sean Connery.

Or YOU KNOW WHAT? Actually, I take all that back. I’d like to see Burt Reynolds on the show.
Archer’s such a fan of Burt Reynolds. I’d love to see Burt Reynolds as Burt Reynolds or Burt Reynolds as the guy making fun of Burt Reynolds. Something. Yes! That is 100% the right answer. Sean Connery, yes he’s funny. Zach Galifianakis, yes he’s very funny right now. For this television show, Burt Reynolds.

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And be sure to catch a brand new episode of Archer tonight at 10pm eastern on FX!

Interview By: Emma Loggins


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