Moon Bloodgood And Colin Cunningham Talk ‘Falling Skies’ Season 2

Moon Bloodgood and Colin Cunningham recently chatted about the return of Falling Skies and what fans can look forward to in season 2. From their favorite scene to shoot to their characters’ evolution since last season, we have all the details for you below!

Are there going to be any major differences for your characters that we should be on the lookout for this season?

Moon Bloodgood: I would say my changes are not as drastic. I think that my relationship with Tom gets a more adult quality to it. We definitely have our first fight, and I believe that I’m allowed to say that the relationship gets consummated. But I wouldn’t say that my character goes through drastic changes. I think you’re just seeing more character development, more layers, and more how I am relating rather to the Mason boys to Lourdes who is played by Gabriel Seychelle Gabriel. So more – just built relationships there.

Colin Cunningham: I’d say the same thing. I think the relationship between Pope and the professor finally does become consummated. Yes me too, so I am just kidding, but you know I think for Pope I think they, if anything they take, they take the edgy stuff and I think they embellish it all the more. You know if anything I think this season isn’t so much I think the characters are still doing what they were doing last year. I just you know if I can even say the stakes are just way, way higher the show itself is darker it’s more intense. So you’re going to see more.

Moon Bloodgood: More science fiction.

Colin Cunningham: Yes and just more extreme in terms of just the acting and what these characters have to go through, so which I am really looking forward to seeing.

Colin, do we get to see anything of Pope’s and Maggie’s past explored this season?

Colin Cunningham: It is, we kind of skirt around it which is all the more interesting I think to us, nothings actually laid out in concrete. But certainly Sarah Carter the wonderful Sara Carter and I spend a lot of time discussing our history and all that kind of stuff. So even when the lines are written a certain way we’re often playing subtext that hasn’t yet really been even revealed to us by the writers but it’s a wonderful complexity that I think they brought into the season. And they keep it there you know just at arm’s distance which is wonderful considering the fact that her relationship with Hal you know continues to grow and yet she still got this past that she has to deal with.

What are you both most excited about having the audience see in the second season.

Moon Bloodgood: I think I am really proud of some of the stuff that happens with let’s say Ben Mason like I think he fits (the central) character and with a lot of science fiction stuff happening that is really edgy. And I am excited for people to get those surprises I think that kind of stuff is always exciting because I am such a science fiction fan always exciting to know that there’s some really good surprises coming.

Colin Cunningham: For me it’s to simply see the show because we’re excited when we get the scripts we’re excited when we shoot the scenes and then we go on to do additional dialogue recording, audio stuff. We’re again incredibly excited to see what we see, that said what I am dying for is just for is to be able to talk about with other people who have seen it. So if anything that’s the tough part right now I think for all of us is that we’re not able to share what we’ve seen up to now.

We saw Pope becoming a little bit of a better guy I think in season one and then in season two and the beginning it starts to seem a little iffy again. What do think it will take to soften Pope up and really bring his humanity back?

Colin Cunningham: Wow well in a way it’s like I hope it doesn’t ever happen, because I think it would, it would make perhaps make him less complicated less interesting but yes they don’t. I wouldn’t say he becomes softer if anything he becomes a little bit harder, and a little bit more, I don’t know a little bit more Pope. Because again with the show this year I think the stakes are even higher, it’s even more extreme, it’s dirtier, it’s angrier, it’s edgier. It’s pretty hardcore and I think within that environment is where he feels most comfortable.

Moon Bloodgood: I also want to add that I think the pull about your character is you get to say the things that everyone’s thinking but no one wants to say.

Colin Cunningham: Correct.

Moon Bloodgood: You confront certain characters and yet you’re still part of the group you’re not kicked out. But you, you get to be the bold one.

Colin Cunningham: Yes he’s not, he’s I don’t think because Pope isn’t encumbered you know or strapped down by things such as compassion and empathy. And you know it’s just like he thinks very, very clearly and he doesn’t have this you know all the things that make us human you know you know yes well he certainly does. But in a dog eat dog life and death kind of environment he sees things very, very clear.

What was your favorite scene to shoot this season?

Colin Cunningham: Now we have.

Moon Bloodgood: That’s a good question. Well I had, how about this, I had a couple of things that terrified me. Just you know but I would say my favorite is I kind of have to go back into my action roots and do some stuff that was really physical. And that felt really liberating, I kind of missed it and I didn’t even know it. So there’s definitely an episode where I get to do some stuff that is more action oriented and not too fun. I felt like a really good release for me.

Colin Cunningham: I would think for me like one of my favorite scenes this season was an interaction between myself and Tom Mason between Pope and Tom Mason and it’s essentially a fight. And there’s no skitters and there’s no guns and there’s no VFX it’s basically just two, two characters that have finally had enough of each other. And that was pretty cool I believe that was episode 3 there was one of my I don’t know it was just a lot of fun to do because it was just actor with actor with actor and I think I loved that.

You guys did a lot of moving around this season you didn’t have kind of a set location like last year with the school you were moving around quite a bit. Did you find that made it harder for you to act in your environment or did you find it refreshing to be moving around?

Colin Cunningham: It’s both yes it’s absolutely harder it’s freezing cold you’re very, very tired it’s not glamorous, it can be a real drag, and that’s not just for us that’s for everybody you’re working ridiculous hours. Because things take longer when you’re shooting on location that said it does show up on camera you do look tired and it’s just all the more real.

Moon Bloodgood: The stuff that you’re saying that’s ((inaudible)) because I feel like that’s like the spoiled actor saying that. But now it’s like it’s in crime you know you’re out there and you want it’s great, because it suits the character. So it’s perfect but it is so totally exhausted it’s cold one day working at night one day, working in the day. But it’s perfect because it makes your characters that much more realistic and it’s part of the gig and we in the end we love it but I like not being as, I like being more mobile. Because last year when I was stuck in that high school it just got a little stagnant at times and I also thought it didn’t reflect the realism it is a post-apocalyptic environment. You constantly be on the run, you’re trying to outrun your predators, so I’d liked it this year it definitely felt a little bit more fluid for me.

Colin Cunningham: Yes I’d say on other shows as an actor that the great privilege that you have is that it’s not only an amazing but you actually get to have fun. On Falling Skies second season it was incredibly amazing but it wasn’t.

Moon Bloodgood: We had no like, it was like real with us goofing up.

Colin Cunningham: Yes it wasn’t fun it was amazing. I mean amazing and worthwhile I the work and the scenes but it was a, it wasn’t a light hearted fun thing. It was tough I think it took the best of everybody or brought the best out of everybody because you had to rise up.

Don’t forget to catch the season 2 premiere of Falling Skies on June 17th at 9pm EST on TNT! And keep checking back on FanBolt for more Falling Skies goodness throughout the summer!


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