Maggie Q And Shane West Chat ‘Nikita’ Season 3

Nikita returns this Friday night, and that means it’s time to unlock the last of our interviews with the cast from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s what series stars Maggie Q and Shane West had to say about Nikita and Michael’s arc in season two and what both characters will face in season three.

At least in the beginning of the new season, things are looking up for the pair. “[Nikita]’s now got this enormous sort of weight lifted. She’s not looking over her shoulder every second. She doesn’t have to hide,” explained Maggie. “She can go and have dinner, or go to yoga or have a coffee. “That’s never happened for her. That’s incredibly freeing and sort of moving her in the direction she wants to – Michael, house, fence…I don’t know if it’s white, maybe it’s black,” she quipped.

“I think it’s going to be fun seeing her on the street. I am looking forward to the sort of awkwardness of that. You never get to see Nikita in an awkward position in that way. The things that are easy for other people are going to be hard for her. I like the switch of dynamic,” she added.

Agreed Shane, “We’re going to see a little more of how season two ended, at least with Michael and Nikita and their relationship. The only conflict at the end of season two with them was that Michael wasn’t necessarily in agreement with running Division, but their relationship was solid. You’re going to see a lot more positive times, under duress and crazy circumstances, but I think what’s going to make them solid is that relationship. At least they have each other.”

But things aren’t going to be perfect for either character, as they’ll both have to adapt to being part of the new Division. “She is going to run into a bit of an issue once she gets past the honeymoon period,” said Maggie. “She’s got a boss now which is not very Nikita. She’s been rogue for so many years that Nikita is not used to someone telling her how to do things. Ryan Fletcher’s going to be kind of in that position of ‘we’ve got to be legit now.'”

When Michael returns to Division, it’s not going to be in the same capacity that he inhabited previously. “Michael’s not going to be training recruits so I’m not sure what he’s going to be doing besides being the muscle,” admitted Shane, who added that everyone might have to figure out where they belong on the new organizational chart: “You’re going to see one big dysfunctional family and it’s going to have to unveil itself throughout the twenty-two, twenty-three episodes.”

Season two shook up Michael’s personal life, with the discovery that he’d fathered a son with former asset Cassandra and the demise of Percy, but in season three he’ll be moving past both things. Asked if Cassandra or Max will return in the new season, Shane said “I don’t think so. It hasn’t been brought up.” (A factor that would have to be contended with is that Helena Mattsson, who played Cassandra, is now a regular on another Warner-produced series, ABC’s 666 Park Avenue.)

As far as Percy’s death and whether or not it provides closure to Michael’s quest to avenge the deaths of his wife and daughter, he explained that “I think it’s closing the door. That is two people now, Kasim and Percy, that Nikita killed instead of Michael but you kind of get over your ego at a certain point.”

Although Nikita has a talented ensemble cast, the series truly rests on the shoulders of Maggie Q, who as the title character is either in or referenced in almost every scene. “It’s like making an action movie every week,” she said, explaining what it takes to make the series. “I wish I had actual rehearsal time. I either make time to train or I sleep. Literally that’s what it was in the first and second seasons.

“It’s about finding balance. I’ll give up my lunch hour to go and train with the choreographer. On weekends, he’ll come to my house. This is just my own stuff – it’s not stuff that’s organized. I just do it. That’s the only way. Otherwise, I would just suck. I feel like you have to show your gratitude to have an opportunity like this through your commitment.”

Even with the demanding workload, three seasons on, she’s still enjoying her first television role. “It’s so fun. Nobody has to push me to go to work. I’m excited to go to work every single day. [It’s] weirdly satisfying, to be married to this person and grow with them. I had nothing to reference before but now that I’m doing it, it’s not the same character, just like I’m not the same person I was three years ago, and it’s so fun for me.”

For more Nikita, check out my previous interviews with series creator Craig Silverstein and stars Melinda Clarke, Aaron Stanford and Lyndsy Fonseca. Then don’t forget to tune in to The CW tonight at 9 PM ET/PT to see the season three premiere, “3.0.” (Not to be confused with the second episode of season one, “2.0.”)

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