The Cast of ‘Men at Work’ Chat Season 2, Dating Advice, and Memorable Fan Moments

Atlanta was recently abuzz with TBS talent. Conan O’Brien hosted his show from the Tabernacle for several days, and the gentleman from Men At Work were in town for the Final Four games as well.

FanBolt was able to catch up Danny Masterson, James Lesure, Michael Cassidy and Adam Busch over breakfast one of the days during their stay. We were able to chill with the guys, get some details on the new season, and even get their dating advice for all the single girls and guys out there.

What can you tease fans with for Season 2?

Michael Cassidy: Higher stakes?

Danny Masterson: Higher stakes. Male on male sex scenes.

Michael Cassidy: That happens.

Danny Masterson: Some of us have sex with the other of us, but we can’t tell you who.

Michael Cassidy: There’s a wedding.

James Lesure: There’s a death.

Danny Masterson: Jason Lee guest stars.

Michael Cassidy: Tyler also gets a relationship, Milo gets in kind of a new relationship, and Gibbs gets in a committed relationship with a dog…. Neil is still in a relationship.

James Lesure: There’s a lot to look forward to.

Michael, what was it like for you to work with Benjamin McKenzie again? It’s a little O.C. reunion for fans.

Michael Cassidy: It was really fun. I’m the closet with Ben out of all the people I worked with on The O.C.. We play buddies in our storyline; it was conducive to two buddies bro-ing out, so it was super fun. I don’t think he’d ever done a multi-camera show before – like Danny’s buddy, Jason Lee, came by and it was the same kind of thing. So it was fun to watch him get used to that. This kind of TV happens fast. You shoot all your stuff on Friday night in front of an audience, so it was fun to watch Ben make that adjustment and squirm a little bit.

James Lesure: That was his first day on the set too wasn’t it?

Michael Cassidy: Yeah I think he only worked Friday.

Danny Masterson: He had a lot of dialogue.

James Lesure: He nailed it.

Michael Cassidy: Yeah he did well.

How do you guys keep the bromance going off-camera?

Michael Cassidy: We actually spend a lot of time together.

Danny Masterson: James and Michael play tennis, we play golf, and we go to a lot of concerts.

What is your best dating advice for the single guys and gals out there?

Danny Masterson: Don’t stop.

Michael Cassidy: Don’t stop believing?

Danny Masterson: Don’t stop believing.

James Lesure: I’m okay with like the first date being like, “Let’s go get coffee.” Just feel each other out, take the pressure off, and get to know each other like that.

Danny Masterson: I like friend first dates, but apparently that’s not very mature. Like meeting with a group of friends and chatting it up, and eventually say, “We should go grab dinner.” That’s another way of taking the pressure off, but I think the ladies want more. It’s not the most mature thing, but it seemed to work a little easier.

Adam Busch: I think that would be ideal. It’s a safe way to get to know everyone.

Danny Masterson: I feel like a lot of the ladies are like – that’s not very mature. Even though it’s a better solution in my opinion, and my opinion matters [laughs].

Adam Busch: It means you genuinely like them. Whether it works out or not, it means you’re cool and we should all hang out.

What would you say your most memorable fan experience has been? Not just related to Men At Work.

Michael Cassidy: I got one… but I’m not going to say because I don’t want to encourage anyone [laughs].

Danny Masterson: Open up man.

Michael Cassidy: Oh someone did send me a handmade scarf like a year ago from Sweden. That was cool. That’s the most recent memorable one.

Adam Busch: I did some time in science fiction television, and my character had killed an important character on that show and fans were really upset about it. I was in London at the time playing with a folk band, and when I arrived at the club there were a stack of death threats that a fan had sent to the club for me.

What do you guys geek out about? What are you a major fan of?

James Lesure: Tennis.

Michael Cassidy: Tennis.

Danny Masterson: The Strokes album.

Adam Busch: Game of Thrones.

Michael Cassidy: Wait, I want to be more specific. Tommy Haas.

Danny Masterson: Why don’t you talk about beating James’ ass in tennis all the time?

Michael Cassidy: I’m not geeking out about that. That’s just a part of my life, you know? It’s like I’m not geeking out about my car. I just drive it every day [laughs].

What else did the guys do while they were in Atlanta besides go to the games? They checked out the Tabernacle, Midtown’s Taco Mac, East Lake Golf Club and of course the iconic Clermont Lounge.

Be sure to catch Men At Work Thursdays on TBS at 10/9c!


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