Which ‘Lost’ Cast Members Would Be Up for a Reboot?

Lost was one of the most iconic shows of the early 2000s. It was mysterious, suspensful, confusing and fans loved going along for the ride. With the clear Hollywood trend of making the old and beloved new again, showing no signs of slowing some fans have begun to wonder if a Lost return isn’t outside of the realm of possibility.

Now is the time of reboots, revivals and continuations in Hollywood, with everything from Full House to Ghostbusters to Evil Dead being dusted off and made shiny and new. One of our favorite shows that debuted over 10 years ago was Lost, so when we had the chance to chat with some of the show’s cast members at Walker Stalker Con Orlando, it only made sense for us to ask them what their thoughts were on a Lost reboot or revival.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Henry Ian Cusick, Nestor Carbonell, Harold Perrineau and Mira Furlan were kind enough to share their thoughts on bringing the show back and the overall response was positive. “You never really can say never can you?” Mitchell told us when we asked her of her thoughts on the show returning. Nestor Carbonell agreed, “You can’t say never.”

Henry then cut in to ask his cast mates whether or not they’d do it if the opportunity arose, to which Elizabeth quickly replied “Oh I would…to work with those guys again would be amazing!”

“I would do it yeah…I would let my kids do it too,” Harold laughed, “Lost: The Next Generation.” (And yes, Desmond fans, Henry agreed that he’d return as well).

See what else the cast told us, including what they miss most about the show and how they think their Lost characters would handle survival in The Walking Dead universe, in the full interview below!

So Lost fans what do you think? Would you be up for a revival? Talk to us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Youtube


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