‘Once Upon a Time’ Cast Talks Dark Emma, a New Princess and More at Comic-Con 2015

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Once Upon a Time will be a very different place now that the Savior has lost her way and the repercussions will effect everyone. Fans were given more details at Comic-Con today about the journey that lies ahead and what the citizens of Storybrooke will have to endure to save Emma Swan.

Ginnifer Goodwin (“Snow White/Mary Margaret”), Jennifer Morrison (“Emma Swan”), Lana Parrilla (“Evil Queen/Regina”), Josh Dallas (“Prince Charming/David”), Robert Carlyle (“Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold”), Emilie de Ravin (“Belle”),Colin O’Donoghue (“Hook”), Sean Maguire (“Robin Hood”) and Rebecca Mader (“Wicked Witch/Zelena”), along with co-creators/executive producers Edward Kitsis and
Adam Horowitz took some time to talk about the difficulties that are in store for out favorite characters, now that Emma has gone dark.

Things We Learned About ‘Once Upon a Time’ at Comic-Con 2015

  • We’ll meet Brave’s  feisty princess, Merida, next season (and no, she’s not Rumple’s mother, for you theorists). Emma will introduce us to her and she’ll have a connection to Camelot.
  • Henry will have some serious doubts about snapping The Author’s quill in half and we’ll see him struggling with that decision.
  • As you know we will meet Merlin next season. Think of him as the Light One to Emma’s Dark One.
  • This season will focus more on our characters’ internal crises as opposed to external dangers like last season.
  • Look forward to a Charming/ King Arthur bromance!
  • Emma will really struggle with giving into darkness this season.
  • The Charmings’ relationship will be tested as the try to deal with the fact that everything they did to keep Emma from crossing over into the darkness, essentially made it happen.
  • Zelena is still around and she and Robin Hood’s baby is not endgame for her. She wants to make Regina’s life as miserable as possible.
  • This season is all about “saving the savior”

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday September 27th on ABC!

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