Radcliffe Lands Slain Photographer Role

DANIEL RADCLIFFE has fought off competition from HEATH LEDGER and ORLANDO BLOOM to land the lead role in a new movie about a slain photo-journalist.

The 18-year-old will appear as photographer Dan Eldon in Journey, a film chronicling the civil war in Somalia. Eldon was one of four journalists stoned to death by a mob in the African country in 1993.

And Eldon’s mother Kathy believes Radcliffe was the perfect choice to play her tragic son.

She says, “We resisted a lot of older actors because Dan was a boy emerging into manhood.”

A compilation of Eldon’s diaries – on which the film is based – has sold 200,000 copies since being published in 1997.



I don’t know how many of you all have checked out Dan Eldon’s diaries…. I highly recommend them if you haven’t. I have two books comprised of his artwork, writings, and photography. They’re absolutely amazing.


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  1. Emma wrote: Ah, I fixed that, weird… I think it was supposed to be that photographer Dan was 22, or 23, I know that he was one of those two when he died.