New Content from L Studio featuring Lisa Kudrow, Famke Janssen, Ally Sheedy, Sarah Paulson and more!

As television networks premiere their fall lineups,
another new series is making its debut online. Lisa Kudrow is launching an improvisational
comedy, titled “Web Therapy,” on L Studio, a new broadband channel developed by automaker
Lexus. The series is one of 30 original video segments featured on the channel, which hosts an
eclectic collection of original films, live-action shows, documentaries and comedy programs.
“Connecting with Lexus gave us a chance to develop an idea we’ve wanted to do for a
while – that’s truly designed to be web content. It’s a great opportunity to be part of such a
unique experiment in entertainment,” states Kudrow.

Kudrow and her producing partner Dan Bucatinsky (“The Comeback,” “Lipstick Jungle”)
along with writer-director Don Roos (“Opposite of Sex,” “Happy Endings”) have created a series
specifically for web broadcast. The resulting series features 15 episodes about Fiona Wallice
(Kudrow), a therapist of unspecified credentials. Wallice launches a three-minute therapy
practice as a way to cut to the chase, since “fifty-minute sessions involve a lot of self-indulgent
talk about thoughts and feelings…there’s only about three minutes in there where some real
work is being done.” Fiona, self-absorbed and self-promoting, is NOT a good listener, and her
approach to therapy – from interrupting to making snap judgments – leads to comical sessions
with her unfortunate clients. The cast of clients include improvisational actors Bob Balaban,
Jane Lynch, Rashida Jones, Tim Bagley and Dan Bucatinsky.

“Lisa Kudrow’s unique brand of smart, offbeat comedy is exactly the type of content we
strive to showcase on L Studio,” states Mark Templin, Lexus group vice president and general
manager. “The idea behind L Studio was to create an online space – not unlike a traditional
production studio – which would provide a platform for high-quality, thought-provoking content
that invites dialogue and is constantly evolving. We’re thrilled that Lisa was intrigued by this
concept and chose to join us in this experiment.”

Also set to debut on L Studio on Oct. 6 is “Puppy Love,” a scripted anthology created by
Amy B. Harris (“Sex and the City,” “The Comeback”), that sheds a new light on dog lovers and
the people who love them. The series of ten short films – written and directed by Harris and
several other “Sex and the City” alum, including Cindy Chupack, Liz Tuccillo, Julie Rottenberg
and Elisa Zuritsky – is humorous, irreverent and entirely relatable. Cast members include:
Famke Janssen, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ally Sheedy, Kristen Johnston, Sarah Paulson, Alicia
Witt, Heather Burns, Janel Moloney, Martha Plimpton and Dan Hedaya.

In addition to “Web Therapy” and “Puppy Love,” L Studio will showcase never-beforeseen
features from the worlds of art, culture, design, science, entertainment, architecture and
beyond, intended to inspire and amuse. The channel includes profiles of interesting
personalities such as Ray Manzarek (The Doors), Patricia Field (“Sex and the City” stylist) and
Shigeru Ban (renowned architect famous for using unique pre-existing materials), as well as
mini-documentaries on a variety of topics from population migration to workspaces.
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About Lexus

Lexus, the leading luxury automotive manufacturer, has made its name by providing
innovative products and services for its customers. The automaker conceptualized L Studio as a
way to engage consumers outside of the traditional automotive encounter to connect with them
and provide unexpected experiences that reflect the brand. L Studio is an online community
where members are invited – and encouraged – to share feedback and new ideas with the
artists and each other to create a collaborative, engaging and constantly evolving space.