Breaking & Entering Won Madsen Kill Bill Role

Movie tough guy MICHAEL MADSEN won a role in QUENTIN TARANTINO’s KILL BILL by breaking into the director’s Hollywood home.

The actor reveals he and Tarantino fell out after working together on Reservoir Dogs and Madsen felt he’d have to resort to extreme measures to be considered for a part in the Kill Bill films.

Madsen explains, “I couldn’t get him on the phone so I just drove to his house. I know the gate code so I went in and I just sat by the pool for two hours and figured he’s got to come home.

“He saw me, said ‘Michael, what are you doing here?’ I said, ‘Well I heard you wanted me in this picture.'”

Tarantino originally offered Madsen a small role in the iconic martial arts movie, but eventually decided the tough guy would make a better Budd.

Madsen adds, “I had a really small part and was only shooting for two days, but then we made up with each other and, after about a week, he actually did call me and when I got there he brought out the Kill Bill script and asked me what I thought about playing Budd.

“It was obviously a bigger part. He said, ‘I’ve already cast another actor as Budd but I’m gonna give the part to you.’ He said he’d give the other actor a different role which he did.”



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