I Need That Look! ‘Girl Meets World’ Episode 2.15: Girl Meets Rileytown

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Riley learned a lot about herself and the strength of her friends in the latest episode of Girl Meets World, “Girl Meets Rileytown.”

Last Friday’s episode of Girl Meets World tackled another tough issue facing our youth: cyberbullying. Riley was being picked on by another girl at school for the all goofy, weird, happy and adorable traits that her friends love most about her. In the end, she faced her bully with her friends right there backing her up, and ended up learning valuable lessons about friendship, growth and herself.

Let’s take a look at this week’s style picks:

Riley Matthews

Riley learned a lesson in bravery this week, so it only makes sense that she wore a brightly colored outfit, making her stand out from the crowd, as she faced her cyberbully. We loved the entire ‘fit, but we thought Riley’s flowey pink vest with its slightly crinkled texture added a great touch to the multi-colored dress.


Riley’s Kimchi Blue Macaroon Vest was available for $9.99 but is currently sold out. You can still check out some other pieces from the brand here.

Maya Hart

Maya didn’t know what was up with her friend at first, but she knew something was, and didn’t hesitiate to jump at the chance to help her out when she discovered what it was. Although Riley ended up facing her bully alone, Maya wasn’t too far behind her, being a true friend and looking cute while doing it. We really dug her blue boho top with its relaxed feel, adorable bell sleeves, and crocheted trim.


Maya’s Forever 21 Crochet-Trimmed Bell Sleeve Top was available for $19.80, but is currently sold out on the site. If it’s the bell-sleeve you’re into however, the site has no shortage of cute looks.

Girl Meets World returns to Disney Friday with a new episode, “Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2”.

What looks did you love from Friday’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Disney


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