Madonna’s Movie Going Straight To The Net

MADONNA is to release her directorial debut FILTH AND WISDOM straight onto the internet – because she doesn’t want to rely on her pop superstardom to make her filmmaking career a success.

The Material Girl hitmaker believes her low-budget movie, about a Ukranian immigrant in London, will be a bigger hit as an internet download, and has already started negotiations with iTunes service providers to bring her plans into fruition.

She says, “I’m a beginner so I think I should start off in an understated way. Just because I’m established in one field doesn’t mean that’s how I should approach anything else I do.

“I’ve been speaking to iTunes about releasing it through them. I want the most amount of people to see the film as possible. I don’t do anything conventionally.”

The news comes just days after Filth And Wisdom premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last Wednesday (13Feb08) to mixed reviews.



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