‘The Flash’ Star Danielle Panabaker Debuts First Look at Killer Frost


The Flash star Danielle Panabaker stopped by The Talk for an interview recently and brought a first look at her transformation into comic book villain Killer Frost with her.

Panabaker looks totally cool with her white hair and eyes and leather bustier top. “I’m such a girl, and I loved getting dressed up in that look,” she told the ladies of The Talk. “We started working on the look a couple of months before it actually shot. Our first suit was a one-piece, kind of like Catwoman, but it didn’t feel quite right. So we changed it to be a top and these really cool leather pants. And the hair was awesome; it started as this short, little pixie wig, and we just kept adding more and more hair, as you do. It’s great, I’m really excited.”

Watch the clip of the actress revealing her villainous The Flash alter-ego below:

In the comics, Killer Frost has “the ability to absorb heat from external sources and transmute it into waves of cold.”

While we aren’t sure exactly when Killer Frost will be making her first appearance in The Flash, we certainly can’t wait based on the new photo!

Photo Credit: Youtube/The CW


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