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Vanessa Marano Previews ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’ Fall Finale

Vanessa Marano Previews ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’ Fall Finale


Switched at Birth‘s Vanessa Marano (Bay Kennish) was recently interviewed by where she talked about tonight’s fall finale, Bay’s relationship drama with Travis and Emmett, how the last 5 minutes of the finale are crazy, and more!

When asked who she thinks Bay should end up with Vanessas said:

I actually love the idea of Bay and Travis together, just because it came out of nowhere. Both of these characters were not likable when they started — she was a spoiled brat and he was really jerky — and we’ve seen them both grow into such lovely, loyal characters. That’s one thing Bay is lacking from every relationship she’s had since Emmett, because of her insecurities after being being cheated on and dumped. She’s missing that loyalty from somebody.

On Bay’s involvement in the drama surrounding Regina,Eric, and Will’s mom:

She gets pretty heavily involved in that, mostly because she’s the one who let everybody know what was going on. But I feel bad for Bay, because she did the right thing. Regina was making terrible, terrible choices!

Her thoughts on the last 5 minutes of the Finale:

It seems like everything’s going to wrap up in a nice, pretty little bow — and then the last five minutes happen, and you’re going to be like, “What. Just. Happened? How did we get here?!”

Don’t miss the crazy fall finale of Switched at Birth tonight at 8PM EST on ABC Family! Check out the official promo for the finale below!

Photo Credit: Vanessa’s Instagram.

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