‘Girl Meets World’ Writers Will Be Tackling Real Issues

One of many reasons Boy Meets World is so loved is because of its lessons, morals, and humor. Not only that, but they also tackled real issues such as domestic abuse (“Dangerous Secret”), racism (“Teachers Bet”), gender equality (“Chick Like Me”), underage drinking (“If You Can’t Be With the One You Love”), and so many more topics. Simply put, they go where other writers are too afraid to go.

Michael Jacobs and the Girl Meet World writers have tweeted recently that the series’ simple stories are officially over, and they’re now they’re moving on to tackle real issues. They have already covered quite a bit of serious subject matter such as insecurity (“Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels”), death (“Girl Meets Gravity”), Asperger’s (“Girl Meets I Am Farkle”), and Cyberbullying (“Girl Meets Rileytown”).

“The simple stories portion of our program is officially over. You have asked us to take on real issues. We are listening.” the Girl Meets World writers posted on October 22nd.

What topics do you think they’ll be tackling next on Girl Meets World? Comment below, and let us know what you’d like to see!

Girl Meets World returns on the Disney Channel next Friday, November 6!

Photo Credit: August Maturo’s Facebook


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