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The Cast of ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Chat About What It’s Like Voicing Iconic Characters

The Cast of ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Chat About What It’s Like Voicing Iconic Characters


The Peanuts Movie hits theaters today, and we recently got to sit down with the voices of the Peanut gang and speak about the experience they had bringing the classic characters to life! Take a look below at our chat with Hadley Belle Miller (Lucy), Noah Schnapp (Charlie Brown), and Fracesca Sapaldi (The Little Red-Headed Girl).

What was your favorite part of being a part of this project?

Hadley Belle Miller: My favorite part was getting to be a little sassy, because at home I’d get into a lot of trouble (laughs). And also doing this press tour and working with Steve Martino, the director.

Noah Schnapp: I think everything was amazing. I don’t think there was a part that I didn’t like, but I’m going to go with a few things. I think the press tour has been awesome, we went around the country. I liked working with Steve Martino, because he was so helpful and he was an amazing director. And I got to go to Luke Skywalker Ranch. That was amazing.

Francesca Capaldi: For me, it was being able to be the first voice of the Little Red-Haired Girl, and also being able to work with Steve Martino.

Noah, can you talk a little bit about voicing Charlie Brown. Were you nervous at all?

Noah Schnapp: In the beginning, before I even started recording for this, I was a bit nervous to play such a big, well-known, iconic character. But once I got into it, I just learned to be myself and I had so much fun playing him. And we haven’t seen the movie in 3-D yet, so I can’t wait to see it.


What was your favorite part of the film?

Hadley Belle Miller: My favorite part is when Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown!

Francesca Capaldi: My favorite scene would probably be the ending scene!

Noah Schnapp: My favorite scene was definitely when-the whole movie! Charlie Brown’s trying to build up the courage to talk to the Little Red-Haired Girl, so my favorite scene was when he finally talked to her.

Before coming into the movie did you have a favorite Peanuts character?

Hadley Belle Miller: My favorite Peanuts was probably Sally, because I played her when I was little in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. She’s just super sweet and perky!

Francesca Capaldi: Well it’s hard. I love Snoopy, but I also like Woodstock, because he’s so cute and tiny. He has all those tiny things; in the movie there’s a little snow blower, and he’s going around his nest with it. I think it’s so cute, because he’s just so miniature. The way he talks is just adorable to me.

Noah Schnapp: I think every character is awesome in their own ways, but I gotta go with Snoopy because that’s Charlie Brown’s best friend. He’s like Woodstock; he so adorable with everything he does and I love that. He actually started out as a cute little dog on four legs and he would always listen, and now he’s a wiseguy and he walks on two legs. It’s crazy how he’s changed.

How familiar were you with the Peanuts franchise before doing this film?

Hadley Belle Miller: Ever since I was in the play, I had known a little bit about it. But now I’m a super big fan, because I’m in the movie so how could I not be a big fan?!

Francesca Capaldi: I was just super excited, because I’ve watched the Peanuts special before. The Christmas special, the Thanksgiving, the Great Pumpkin. I was just super excited, because all my best friends, they all watch them too. It was just really, really, awesome.

Noah Schnapp: I gotta admit, before I started working on this movie I didn’t know a lot about Peanuts. I knew about Snoopy and Charlie Brown, but I didn’t really know a lot about it. When I auditioned for it, I started researching Charlie Brown, and I went on YouTube and watched all the holiday specials. Now, just like Hadley, I’m a big fan now! How could you not be?

The Peanuts Movie is out in theaters today!

Photo Information: (Front L-R) Mar Mar, Craig Schulz, Hadley Belle Miller, Steve Martino, Noah Schnapp, and Fracesca Sapaldi attend ‘Snoopy’ and Co. receiving his Pilot’s ‘Wings’ ceremony at Delta flight Museum on October 22, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Allied

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