‘The Originals’ Star Joseph Morgan on Klaus’ Fears and Aurora’s Return


Klaus Mikaelson’s (Joseph Morgan) work to continue proving that he’s the biggest and baddest vampire of them all never stops in The Originals. From trying to defeat anyone that stands in his way, be they foe or family, he’s the Mikaelson who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

While Klaus may fear no one, if you think he fears nothing, you’d be wrong. He’s a parent now and what’s the one thing that every parent fears? Losing their child.

“Definitely he fears that,” Morgan told reporters during our recent set visit when asked if he fears losing Hope one day. “I think that was something that Elijah threatened him with, you know? ‘If you don’t stop the course you’re on, nobody will have to take Hope from you, she’ll leave herself’ and that really hit home with him.

“She’s the thing that he loves most in the world. Aside from any potential love interest or way beyond any potential love interest, past and present. She’s the only pure thing in his life. He’s had feelings for other characters, other people, and [he loves] his siblings as well, but all of those are tainted with something or driven by something that isn’t quite pure and she is the one good thing and she’s not yet old enough to be judgmental of him and I think that means a lot. So yeah, sooner or later though, she’s going to recognize he’s not perfect. It’ll be a sad day for Klaus.”

Another potentially vulnerable spot for the vamp is his lost (and now found) love Aurora (Rebecca Breeds), with whom it sounds like he’ll try to re-ignite that old flame. “I think there’s an emotional exploration to be done there which he may allow himself to feel quite vulnerable in doing, but he also has his strategic head on. He’s thinking ‘Hey wait a minute, what does this person have to gain from all of this? Why is she back after so long? She was compelled, but she realized the betrayal a long time ago. Were’s she been?’ There’s still a good 800 years where she could have come back I guess. So yeah, he’s very much trying to also keep a bit of distance and be objective about it, figure out what’s going on with her.”

A new episode of The Originals tonight at 9pm on The CW.

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