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Bale’s Narrow Batman Escape

Bale’s Narrow Batman Escape


BATMAN star CHRISTIAN BALE narrowly avoided a grisly death on the set of the new superhero movie, when a plunging helicopter missed him by just feet.

The actor didn’t realize how close he had come to being decapitated on location at Chicago’s Sears Tower – America’s tallest building – until he noticed the shocked expressions on the faces of crew members.

He tells Details magazine, “I’ve been in situations where things could have gone very wrong. I saw a number of very anxious faces on the Dark Knight when a helicopter came incredibly close to me. I was standing on the corner of the Sears Tower, on the outside 110 stories up. I felt quite oblivious to it. I was looking at the face of the pilot and just hanging there, not fully aware that the blades were actually just feet away from my head.”


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