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Inside Scoop on “Arrested Development” Movie Deal!

Inside Scoop on “Arrested Development” Movie Deal!


Wait a minute…The holdout? Yes, I’m also told exclusively by multiple sources that one of the show’s original castmembers has not signed on to the movie…

“Yeah, [he or she] might not do it,” an actor says of this costar. “However, I do know that we will do the project with or without [him or her].”


The good news is that aside from this actor (who, sorry, cannot be named), I’m told that all of the other main castmembers have committed to be a part of the big-screen project. And, yes, the show will go on.

So just to make sure it sinks in here: Arrested Development is coming back. For real. On the big screen. As a major motion picture.

Doesn’t that make you fans so happy you just want to hug your “anal-rapist”? (Meaning Tobias Funke, aka David Cross, aka the show’s resident analyst/therapist, naturally.)


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