Gyllenhaal Sought Holmes’ Batman Approval

Actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL almost rejected her role in upcoming film THE DARK
KNIGHT – until she was assured her casting was approved by BATMAN predecessor

Gyllenhaal – who plays the superhero’s love interest Rachel Dawes – stepped
in after Holmes turned down the chance to reprise her role in 2005 film in
Batman Begins.

The actress admits she was hesitant to accept the part until she knew she
would have the freedom to create a new character for the role with Holmes’

She says, “I wanted to be sure, first of all, that I had her blessing. And I
was assured that I did. I’m a big fan of hers, I think she was really great in
the first movie.

“And yet I felt like it wouldn’t have done anyone any good if I tried to
imitate her. Really what I decided was that it had to be a whole new woman. If
I’m going to do what I do well, I have to be free to do it.”



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