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The Golden Compass Sequel Axed?

The Golden Compass Sequel Axed?


Plans for a sequel to fantasy film THE GOLDEN COMPASS have reportedly been axed
following a series of protests from the Catholic Church.

Scholars slammed the children’s movie last year (07) for being anti-God and
anti-religion – and even officials at The Vatican stepped in to criticize the
film, which stars Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman.

Now author Philip Pullman, who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy the film
was based on, has confirmed he has not been contacted over a follow-up, adding
to industry speculation a second installment will not be made.

He says, “When the first film was in production, I was talking to the studio
and to (writer/director) Chris Weitz and producers quite frequently. I’m sure I
would be now if the sequel was in production.”

But he admits he still has high hopes for another film: “I know everyone
would like to see a sequel and I know I’d like to see it.”

Film studio New Line Cinema is refusing to discuss the future of the trilogy.


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  1. Heather wrote: This is a real shame. I hope that there are enough fans to rival for a sequel. Is Catholism so insecure that they now want to censor entertainment and people’s free will to choose what movie to see and their ability to think for themselves? I hope someone else picks up the project, but produces more true to the original literature.

  2. Ros wrote: It would certainly be a great shame to leave this story hanging in the middle. Those feeling that it is in any way anti God do not have to see it. Personally I see the film as pure adventure and very imaginative, with little to worry Catholics as the story is so literally out of this world anyway.

  3. beesknees wrote: I’m sure the theme/controversy/whatever would be irrelevant if the first film had made any money, as is the case with the Harry Potter franchise. Too bad it wasn’t a hit as it does seem like a cool story.

  4. Weitzisatool wrote: Its not the protestors, its the fact that the movie sucks. Hated by the fans of the novels and a confused, expensive mess.


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