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Norton’s Obama Film On Hold

Norton’s Obama Film On Hold


Actor EDWARD NORTON has agreed to stop talking about his upcoming BARACK OBAMA documentary for fear of tainting the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

The Fight Club star has been chronicling Obama’s rise to power in recent years – and his findings will hit movie screens after a new president in elected in November (08).

So, until then, Norton has agreed not to publicize the movie: “We’re making an historical record and not something to play a role in the election, so we have an agreement that this is something we won’t talk a lot about or publicize until the election is over.

“I can’t really comment on our access to Obama because it’s part of our arrangement with the campaign, but it’s a fascinating thing to be able to be documenting.

“We’ll have an opportunity to talk about that process when it’s (election) all unfolded but we kind of have to stay off the record about it until it’s all resolved.”



  1. BellaBlack wrote: I LOVE Edward Norton I had no idea he was doing this. No matter who wins that documentary will still be interesting to see.


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