Miles Teller’s ‘Thank You for Your Service’ to Film in Atlanta


Miles Teller’s latest project, Thank You for Your Service, is headed to Atlanta to film. The story is based on David Finkel’s book of the same name which takes a look at how PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) affects American servicemen and women after they return home war.

The film, which also stars Haley Bennett, will be directed by American Sniper screenwriter Jason Hall, who also penned the screenplay from Finkel’s 2013 book. DreamWorks had acquired rights to the film prior to the book’s 2013 release, and at that time there was a rumor (from IMDB) that this film might be another Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis collaboration. If the rumor had been true, Thank You for Your Service would be their second film together as director and actor, their first being 2012’s Lincoln. Spielberg is said to have suggested Hall direct the film after reading his screenplay.

No additional casting has been announced yet, Spielberg’s production company, Amblin Entertainment, is producing. This will also be Miles Teller’s first project since this summer’s Fantastic Four!

We’ll keep you posted as production in Atlanta starts and as additional casting is announced!

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