‘Girl Meets World’ Sneak Peek – Episode 2.19 : Girl Meets STEM

Girl Meets World Girl Meets Stem

Girl Meets World is finally coming back (yes, we’ve missed it too), and the series is ready to jump right into another hot topic with “Girl Meets STEM”.

The issue of exposing more young women to STEM careers (aka Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers) is a very relevant one in today’s world, and Riley will get a taste of the difficulties many women interested in those fields face everyday. When she and Farkle are paired up on a science project, the whole class will end up learning a valuable lesson in equality (a subject that we know is near and dear to Rowan Blanchard’s heart).

Take a look at what’s ahead when Girl Meets World returns:

Girl Meets World Episode 2.19 ‘Girl Meets STEM’ Official Description

Riley is upset when the boys at school won’t let her participate in a science experiment and attempts to become more involved.

Girl Meets World Episode 2.19 ‘Girl Meets STEM’ Photo Gallery

Girl Meets World Episode 2.19 ‘Girl Meets STEM’ Official Promo

*Please note: The episode numbers are labeled by production order, not airing order.

Girl Meets World returns with “Girl Meets STEM”, airing Friday January 8th at 8:30pm on Disney Channel.

Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Ron Tom


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