Titanic 3D Re-release

Director James Cameron confirmed at Comic-Con that Titanic will be “dimensionalized” and that the process will take 12-14 months, meaning a 3D version of Titanic could hit theaters in 2011. Titanic is already by far the highest grossing film ever with $1.8 billion worldwide, and the revenue generated from the 3D release would be added to that total as is custom for such re-releases. That means the film could top the $2 billion mark. The next closest film on the all time list is The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King which is way back at $1.1 billion.


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  1. Why and what is the need to 3-d this film? So you can feel the ship sail into you??? Not my choice of film for making into a 3-d.

    Really see no reason to this.