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‘New Moon’ Nudity Just  A Joke

‘New Moon’ Nudity Just A Joke


Jamie Campbell-Bower recently talked with MTV revealing that there is a bath scene in which the ‘New Moon’ actors “just all sit there, completely naked.”

“Yeah, it’s me, Michael Sheen and Christopher [Heyerdahl]; we just sit there, naked.” Campbell-Bower says in the interview.

However, director Chris Weitz has gone on the record saying that Campbell-Bower was just joking, and all the Volturi stay fully clothed as they do in the books.

“I would like to put everyone’s mind at rest and let them know that the Volturi are not naked! Jamie (Campbell Bower) has what you might call a dry sense of humor and almost managed to convince me — which is why he’s such a good actor. Anyway, be assured that, even though we do want the look of the Volturi to be a bit of a surprise, they are always — as in the book! — fully clothed.” Weitz blogged.

Watch the original interview with Campbell-Bower below.



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