‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ On The Way

Quentin Tarantino was recently on an Italian talk show and discussed Kill Bill Vol. 3. According to reports , Tarantino said he intends to make Kill Bill Vol. 3, and that he wanted for there to be a 10-year break, so that “The Bride” could recover from all she had been through. That would put Vol. 3 out in 2014.

As for what the new film would be about, Tarantino has said in the past that it might be about Nikki Bell, the daughter of Vivica A. Fox’s character in Vol. 1, going on a journey to get revenge against The Bride. Rumor has it that Tarantino actually shot extra scenes with the girl who played Nikki Bell during filming of Vol. 1 that he could use in Vol. 3.

There is another rumored option as well, according to Kill Bill executive producer E. Bennet Walsh, who said back in 2007 that Tarantino had “formulated the plots for two sequels which he plans to film in China. According to sources, Kill Bill: Volume 3 would be the revenge story of two Crazy 88s killers whose arms and eyes were hacked by Uma Thurman in the first volume. Kill Bill Volume 4 would than focus on the battle between the daughters of Beatrix Kiddo and Vernita Green, an idea which Tarantino had been very vocal about during the film’s theatrical release.”


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