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Scream writer Kevin Williamson recently spoke about the upcoming Scream IV and how the plan is to launch a whole new trilogy revolving around new characters saying, “It’ll take place right now, 10 years later, and it’s going to take place in [Sidney Prescott’s hometown of] Woodsboro. We’ll have our three main characters, and we’ll be introducing several more…We’ll also be introducing a little group, a little ensemble of new castmembers. That’ll take us through the next three.”

When asked if this movie was beating a dead dog he said, “I guess I’ll just have to be very aware of the fact that we’re a ‘4’ and that we’re beating a dead dog. I’m going to make that very apparent in the dialogue… Come on. It’s the age of the remake! And 3-D and all that, can you imagine what ‘Stab (the fake movie within Scream) 10’ is like?”

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