Will Kristen Stewart Star in ‘Underwater’?

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is in talks to star in Underwater.

The 26-year-old actress is in talks with Fox Entertainment over the casting for the upcoming adventure thriller, which is reportedly set to be produced by Chernin Entertainment, whilst Will Eubank will be directing the production.

According to Variety the movie will follow an undersea scientific team on their journey for survival following the natural disaster of an earthquake. And it is rumored the blonde – who is known for playing the role of Bella Swan in in the Twilight movies – to take on the lead role as one of the staff members.

Underwater is believed to start shooting scenes for the movie in New Orleans in March. However, Kristen has yet to confirm her role in the project yet.

The Californian star’s hesitation could be due to the fact she believes she has made a “million bad movies” and has claimed it is “rare” that a project she is involved with will turn out exactly as she had hoped.

Speaking previously, she said: “I’m a pretty obsessive person, which is I think entirely necessary. You have to be a little crazy to put yourself through something like that and actually make it happen. I was probably a little bit more controlling than I thought I would have been. My favorite thing in the world is when it feels like something starts to get up and walk itself. When something’s really good, and it’s rare – honestly I’ve made a million bad movies. Not bad, it’s just like sometimes they don’t come together in a way that feels miraculous and when they do, it genuinely feels like something is floating and you’re all sort of blowing on it to keep it up and it’s like, that fully happened. It’s so cliché, it feels like super pretentious to say this, but you genuinely feel like this vessel and you’re like, ‘That was sick, I don’t even know what just happened,’ and it’s just f***ing real.”


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