Javier Bardem Joins Universals’ Dark Universe

Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem will play Frankenstein in Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe film Bride of Frankenstein.

The Monsterverse sees the studio revisit the creature features which made Universal’s name, beginning in the 1920s with Lon Chaney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera.

Speaking to Screen Rant, the 48-year-old actor said: “I can only tell you that I will love to and that there are talks about it, but I cannot really guarantee that that is going to happen or if that is something that’s closed. But, yes, I am very interested and also, they know that I have the head size, so they are not going to waste a lot of money in makeup, which is good. That puts me on the top of the list.”

Bride of Frankenstein is set to follow Tom Cruise’s reboot of The Mummy.

Oscar winner Bill Condon, who helmed the successful Beauty and the Beast live-action remake, will be directing with screenplay by David Koepp. The movie is set for a February 2019 release.

Condon added: “I’m very excited to bring a new ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ to life on screen, particularly since James Whale’s original creation is still so potent. The ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ remains the most iconic female monster in film history and that’s a testament to Whale’s masterpiece – which endures as one of the greatest movies ever made.”

The Dark Universe was started by core creatives Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, who directed and produced The Mummy reboot.

Kurtzman and Morgan said: “When Universal approached us with the idea of reimagining these classic characters, we recognized the responsibility of respecting their legacy while bringing them into new and modern adventures. The studio and our fellow creative collaborators have championed and challenged us as we’ve begun to spin the web of Dark Universe. It’s our hope these movies will engross longtime fans and spark the imaginations of brand-new ones.”

Composer Danny Elfman, who has scored a number of movies including Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, has also been hired to create the soundtrack behind the upcoming Dark Universe franchise.

Elsewhere, Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella will star in The Mummy whilst Johnny Depp has been announced to star in The Invisible Man.


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