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Kevin Feige Talks Comic Book Movies

Kevin Feige Talks Comic Book Movies


Marvel Studios Producer and President Kevin Feige recently spoke about the last 10-years of Marvel on the big screen. He talked about the success of Spider-man saying, “Two weeks into my official employment, I found myself in a room with [director] Sam Raimi going over the script of “Spider-Man. That was the next step for Marvel. Of course there were concerns with taking on that project. Even when we shot the first promotion photo it looked so good a lot people thought it was CGI! But it wasn’t and that’s where we started to see things go the right way.”

Feige also talked about the idea that superhero movies are just the current fad saying, “All of those movies did really well. That was the first year people started to ask me when I thought this fad was going to end, and my answer to that question even to this day is that as long as we keep making these films in fresh and unique ways it’s never going to run out. The only reason a fad is going to end is if it goes stale, but that’s one of the reasons we choose to make the movies that we do, so that doesn’t happen.”

He also added that “To be honest the thing that I’m most excited about right now though, is the screen test we just finished for “Thor.” We’ve done some costume tests and watching the Asgardians walk onto the sound stage takes me back to that first time I saw the X-Men on the set all together in Toronto. Only it was unlike anything we’ve ever put on film before! It’s great to be starting the next decade in such an exciting way just as we did last decade. We’re really redefining the comic book genre and what a Marvel movie can be. It’s going to be great.

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