Traveling with Fan’s Best Friend – A Geeky Guide to Traveling with Your Dog

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This post is sponsored by Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

One of our favorite days of the year is coming soon – National Dog Day! August 26th we will be celebrating fan’s best friend along with all the love and laughter they bring into our lives. Autotrader is actually teaming up with National Dog Day again this year (fourth year in a row!) to take this show on the road! Learn about how you can keep your pooch safe and pampered while on road trips or even just on a trip to the local dog park!

As your self-proclaimed Geek Girl, I had to share this news as I’m currently in the market for a pup. I lost my first first pet, my adorable little sassy Roxy, in April. And while at the time, I thought I’d never get another pet – I realized just how much I missed coming home to a little one who would make me laugh and smile no matter anything else.

Emma and Roxy

Roxy was a yorkie. A 5-pound yorkie. So she was pretty easy to travel with, and as I’m looking into all the things to consider for my next bundle of fur, the ease of travel is one of those many things I’m taking into consideration. For example, how large can a dog be and still travel on a plane? This is one of the things that I’ve been most interested in as dogs have to be small enough to fit under an airplane seat (in an approved kennel). Airlines may not have weight limits for your pup, but your pup will have to fit under that seat if you want to keep them in the cabin with you.

Emma and Roxy
Biking with your pup? I’m a big fan of these harnesses – you won’t have to worry about your little one jumping out of a basket on the front of your bike.

Traveling by car is obviously a lot easier as you don’t have anyone telling you your dog is too big, but that doesn’t automatically mean that your car is well-suited for pup travel. Autotrader is actually helping dog owners identify the best vehicles for traveling with your dog both short – and long distances. They’re also releasing a limited-time only “New Dog Smell” car freshener to remind you of that first ride home with your new pet companion!

For each of the free car fresheners that are claimed, Autotrader is making an in-kind donation to an animal-focused charity to help support our furry best friends – which is the real mission of National Dog Day.

And on this Geek Girl’s end, here’s a few traveling tips for you and your pup.

  • Get Your Play on (Before You Leave):
    Some 4-legged kids are journey lovers; others recoil in horror when you open the car door. If your little lady hates to ride, some desensitization is needed.
  • Crate Your Little Fur Ball:
    Pets love fresh air, and we’re all familiar with the site of a furry face, riding shotgun, fur flapping in the breeze as he pokes his head out the window. But don’t do it. Animals should be restrained with a safety harness or a crate and seated in the backseat or the cargo area.
  • Take a Break (Lots and Lots):
    Want to ensure a breezy trip? Take a break. Keep your canine from becoming surly with lots of leg stretch time. Be sure to schedule lots of little breaks for your furry lass to sniff her surroundings, get the wiggles out, relieve herself and have a snack and a lap or two of water. Experts suggest a 15- to 30-minute break every 4 hours. You’ll get extra mama and daddy points if you can find pet-friendly spots, such as a dog park, so your girl can really get her sprint on.
If your pup gets nervous in the car – try a thunder fest or even just a little doggy sweater. It calmed my little one down for the whole ride.

Want more tips? Head on over to for additional tips and information to pick up one of those car fresheners.

What’s my favorite dog-friendly car? All of the regular readers here at FanBolt know that I absolutely love Toyota, and my first car worked perfectly for me and my first pet. The Toyota Rav 4 (though I encourage new models than my 1996) is a great car for dogs of all sizes. With the space in the back, and being able to lower the backseats – you can make it a comfy ride for larger sized pups, or if you have a little 5-pound bundle of joy like I did – you can grab a crate and have her safe and secure in the backseat!

Emma and Roxy

Is your car dog-friendly? Let us know your thoughts below and be sure to check out Autotrader’s list for best cars for pets.

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