Geek Girl Review: September 2017 Geek Fuel Subscription Box

Geek Girl Review: Geek Fuel September 2017

It’s time for another unboxing from your resident Geek Girl! If you’re a fan of geeky plushes, exclusive shirts, nerdy life accessories, and downloadable games – then you don’t want to miss this unboxing! If you’re not, FanBolt probably isn’t the site for you – but if you are – then’s monthly subscription box is definitely for you!

I recently reviewed their latest box, and I absolutely love it (See video below!).

Here’s a breakdown of what all was included:

  • Super Shoft Shell:: My favorite thing this month – and probably the thing that will annoy my boyfriend the most – yet provide me hours and hours of fun. This super soft shell will bring back memories of Mario Kart and races won against friends or races lost to them. It is indeed “super soft” so you won’t do mcuh damage with with this one – but it’s perfect for throwing at your friends who aren’t waiting on you… or maybe across the couch during a Mario Kart match… a little friendly competition never hurt anyone right? (Seriously, thank you for this one Geek Fuel!!!)
  • Kubros Mega Construx: Receive 1 of 6 possibilities (Power Rangers, Despicable Me, Halo, Star Trek, Masters of the Universe, Terminator: Genysis, Aliens, Assassins Creed, Hellboy, Family Guy, Destiny or Futurama) – your’s truly got Aliens which was my first choice behind Halo – so I’m a pretty happy camper! These are a lot like Lego – only not – same concept though with building blocks that all fit together to build one of the above.
  • Epic Enamels Pin: Grab 1 of 6 pins in this month’s box (Johnny Brobot, Dexter’s Droid, Power Drone, Meat Widgit, or Space Gizmo). I got Johnny Brobot – which again was my second pick behind Power Drone – so overall very pleased with my luck! These are each inspired by Cartoon Network characters, and I absolutely love the play on names and fandoms!
  • Downloadable Steam Game: Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth / Description: Trapped in an ancient forest, a young prince searches for a lost god. Here he befriends the spirt of a young girl and a volatile child, and they quickly find their destinies intertwined.
  • Bat-Manga T-Shirt: This Geek Fuel exclusive tee is only available in this month’s Geek Fuel box – and we absolutely love it!

Curious my reaction? Check out my unboxing video and review below!

You can pick one of several subscription options at and nerd out with us! Because let’s be real, every day needs at least a little geeky goodness – and with Super Soft Shells you can throw out at nearby race cars – you’ll be all set!!

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Banner

Until next month my fellow geeks!
Emma Loggins Signature ships out mystery box for geeks and gamers each month that has at least $50 worth of value for around $15 + S&H. Think Comic Con in a box with great curation and lots of exclusive items. Every box has an exclusive t-shirt, a full downloadable game, and a total of 5-7 geeky items. Frequently featured brands include Marvel, D.C., Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek, Harry Potter, South Park, etc.

*Please note: I was gifted a Geek Fuel box for this review. No other compensation was exchanged. all opinions stated here and in the above video are this Geek Girl’s honest opinion.