David Goyer to Write ‘The Man of Steel’

According to reports David Goyer will write the new Superman movie and that it will be titled ‘The Man of Steel’ and Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonah Nolan, who was also a co-writer on The Dark Knight, will be co-writing the script for ‘The Man of Steel’ with Goyer. Goyer The pair apparently have an idea to take the movie back to the John Byrne incarnation. The story will likely involve Luthor and Brainiac and is not an origin story as it will assume the audience knows about Lois, Clark, Jimmy, and Perry. The Daily Planet will be struggling in the movie due to the internet. The Kryptonian mythology will be a big part of the film.

Brandon Routh will not be back in the lead and Bryan Singer will not direct. Christopher Nolan will be executive-producing the film.