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Judd Apatow Wants The Weinstein Company Shut Down

Judd Apatow Wants The Weinstein Company Shut Down


Judd Apatow wants The Weinstein Company to be shut down. The 46-year-old producer and director believes that after allegations surfaced that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed a large number of female employees and actresses over a period of almost three decades, his production company should be closed down.

Speaking at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon in Los Angeles, he said: “Who gives a s**t [about the company]? Shut it down, shut it down. We have enough ‘Project Runway’.”

Judd also voiced his belief that Harvey’s staff knew about his transgressions, referring to his own staff as an example.

He explained: “People know what I’m doing. If I’m in the office, and the door is closed, they know I’m secretly eating red velvet cupcakes.”

And Judd hopes this will lead to a drastic change in the treatment of women in Hollywood.

He said: “This is leading to a new examination of how women are treated in this industry and hopefully we can create a new environment where women feel supported when they speak out against creeps like Harvey Weinstein.”

Speaking at the same event, Octavia Spencer praised the “brave women” who spoke out against the disgraced producer.

She said: “This past week, the film industry awakened to a scandal that has rocked us to our core. Scores of brave women came forward and recounted stories of sexual harassment perpetrated by a producer who had abused his power for nearly three decades. As a result, women across the world are banding together, leading the charge to ensure that these victims are heard and policies changed. All of the aforementioned incidents demonstrate the transformative power of women and philanthropy.”

Should The Weinstein Company be shut down? What would that actually mean? They’d still be profiting off past projects even if they weren’t making new ones – and that’s our biggest issue here. Films in which harassment took place either before, during or after filming shouldn’t be something that Harvey or anyone that knew about Harvey’s behavior is still able to profit from. That’s our opinion, we’d love to hear yours in our comment section below.

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